History of EduMaKate

EduMaKate was founded in February 2012, by Vladimir Yelizarov, Arthur Guskayan, and Raul Noriega and was incorporated in New York State exclusively for charitable and educational purposes only. Each of the founders attended public high schools in the New York City area, and experienced first-hand the struggle to overcome personal hardship to achieve professional success:  many talented high school students (especially those from recently immigrating families) have no understanding of professional opportunities and the resources available to achieve such opportunities. EduMaKate was formed to fill this void.

EduMaKate” is city slang for “teach me something important”, a single word that embodies our mission. Our company initials “EMK” stands for “Educate My Kids”, which represents our commitment to partner with all stakeholders in education – parents, educators, and community leaders – for the benefit of the students we serve.

Our company Motto is “Learn from Yesterday. Live for Today. EduMaKate for Tomorrow.”, and it serves to underscore the natural life cycle for students participating in our program. Insight and resources provided by our mentors and professionals give students the guidance they need to approach their college and career ambitions with strength and poise, and inspires them to return to the community once they are up-and-coming professionals to motivate the next generation of students.

Members of EduMaKate partner with industry professionals such as lawyers, doctors, scientists, CEOs, and industry captains to work with the students in various professional settings. We want students to feel comfortable and involved so they can build a partnership with their EduMaKators and guide them through every step of the way.   students an opportunity to explore real-world careers and college-level studies. Some of the events take place at the following venues.

  • Healthcare Clinics & Hospitals 
  • Medical & Nursing Schools 
  • Art & Design Institutes 
  • Pharmaceutical Industries 
  • Accounting Firms 
  • Investment Banks 
  • College Campuses 
  • Law Firms and Law Schools