Who are we?

EduMaKate is a non-profit organization formed by college graduates and professionals from diverse industries, backgrounds and cultures who have come together for a common goal.

We aim to educate and inform students about the opportunities that exist after high school and we hope to inspire them to pursue higher learning and meaningful career paths by working with them in different settings, and engaging them with educational games, workshops, and seminars. We guide our students through the college preparation process and help them hone in on skills that are not always taught in school and will help them thrive throughout their future.

Our team at EduMaKate partners with industry professionals such as lawyers, doctors, scientists and CEOs to work with our students in various professional settings. We want our students to feel comfortable and involved so that they can learn as much as possible about various work environments and career paths.

EduMaKate organizes seminars and workshops in various settings to give high school students an opportunity to explore careers and college-level studies. Some of the events take place at:

– Healthcare clinics & hospitals

– Medical & nursing schools

– Art & design institutes

– Pharmaceutical industries

– Accounting firms

– Investment banks

– College campuses

– Law firms